BLOOM: Why Spring is the Season for Therapy

BLOOM: Why Spring is the Season for Therapy

Build a Long-lasting Outlook and create Opportunity for Mental Health!

You have made it thought the cold and dreary winter. Maybe you had a rough few winter months emotionally and are looking to feel better. Spring a great time for that. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and there is a fresh energy in the air. Although Dallas allergies are no joke, people often feel refreshed in Spring. Spring provides the opportunity to do some ‘deep cleaning’ in many areas of your life. When you feel reinvigorated by the sunshine and spring weather you are motivated to feel better and create new long lasting thinking patterns.

Now you might be thinking… if I feel better why should I be in therapy?

Because this is the time to:

  • Solidify those beneficial thinking patterns
  • Create new adaptive coping skills
  • Increase helpful behaviors
  • Continue good self-care routines

Anyone can benefit from counseling, but what is it that you need? What are your goals? These can shift season to season! It’s your time to BLOOM!